Commissioned typographic sculpture, featuring deconstructed computer and stereo parts, assembled entirely with super glue.

Bumble Bee

Illustration for an exhibition defining the word Flight, meaning to not be defined by gravity and having the free will of moving through water, land and air.

Bolsa Tolteca Mix

Re-branding and new packaging for a Mexican candy company, Candies Tolteca.

Responsible Drinking

Poster design for media-based project at CSU Fresno to reduce dangerous drinking and alcohol-related harm among students.

FAM 09

Signature graphic tee design for the Men Who Cook Fundraiser, benefiting the Fresno Art Museum.

Help Build

Typographic poster design for a wellness project at Terry’s House / Community Regional Medical Center. It promotes lodging and care, established for families with children recovering at the hospital.

Vitamin Company

Identity and stationary design for an alternative medicine company that focuses on natural products which are designed to fight toxins and pathogens.


Typographic sculpture, featuring a deconstructed Intel Pentium i200 computer, for an exhibition showcasing portrait design.

Rhino Red Wine

Branding and package design for the Fresno Chaffee Zoo which benefits animal conservation in Africa.

Illustration: Diana Madaras